Implementation of the Supporting Autistic Children Guideline

This work is part of a larger project National Guidelines: Update and capacity building.

Autism CRC’s National Guideline for supporting the learning, participation and wellbeing of autistic children and their families in Australia, provides clear and consistent Recommendations and Practice Points for practitioners who deliver supports to autistic children and their families to ensure they are doing so in ways that are effective, safe and desirable to children and their families.  

This project is developing resources and training to help practitioners understand more about the Guideline and how they can implement the Recommendations into their everyday practice in community and clinical settings. The resources will also be relevant to:

  • autistic children and their families
  • other people involved in supporting autistic children and their families, such as educators
  • organisations providing training to practitioners or students
  • governments and other policy-making organisations.
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Project Leader(s)
  • David Trembath, Griffith University
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