Strong and Resilient Communities – Autistic Identity and Connection Program

The Autistic Identity and Connection Program is empowering autistic people in important areas of identity and resilience, advocacy, belonging and emotional wellbeing. Participants explore concepts of autistic identity, belonging, and self-efficacy with their peers through a series of learning modules and online group sessions. As part of the Program, participant connect with other autistic people from the target regions and undertake masterclasses and peer-support. Participants engage in the latter through a 3.5-day residential workshop or online group sessions, depending on their preference and needs. 

Program resources enable participants to build and maintain important external protective factors such as improved and extended relationships and the ability to engage in civic and social activities, with the goal that they will demonstrate an increased sense of belonging and capacity to participate in their communities, and a reduced level of social isolation.

This Program is delivered through Autism CRC’s Sylvia Rodger Academy in partnership with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Go to for more information.

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  • Liv Gatfield, Autism CRC
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