Assessing, differentiating, and reporting children’s functional strengths and support needs

Children can experience challenges to their learning, participation, and wellbeing for a range of reasons, including developmental differences and delay. Environmental factors such as inaccessible settings can also play a part. When challenges exist, children may benefit from informal and formal supports that are tailored to their individual strengths and support needs, irrespective of whether they have a diagnosed condition.

This project will develop an evidence-based framework to address the current gap in knowledge and lack of consensus about how best to assess, differentiate, and report children’s functional strengths and support needs. The findings will inform professional practice, operational guidance, and decision making.

The project will broadly follow the same methodology used to address the questions set out in the two Autism CRC National Guidelines. This will involve an iterative, co-designed process of evidence gathering, evidence synthesis, and consensus building involving community, professional, and Government stakeholders.

This project is one of a number of activities funded by a Commonwealth Department of Social Services Industry, Linkages and Capacity-Building grant.

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  • David Trembath, Griffith University
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