Education, knowledge and translation project

This project aims to step outside of the single project utilisation brief and provide a whole-of-program solution to achieve timely and continuous transfer of knowledge from Autism CRC research outputs to educators and students with diverse learning needs. The project is designed to deliver two independent yet interrelated products:

(a) A knowledge transfer methodology which provides a flexible and supportive framework to support both the design and pedagogical integrity of content

(b) A dynamic eLearning web portal that meets the professional development and classroom resource needs of educators and diverse learners across all jurisdictions.

The educational marketplace has many stand-alone learning resources for teachers, parents and students. These resources generally address both niche and mainstream learning needs in an ad-hoc fashion but have little pedagogical rigour. There are currently few products or services in the market that address the holistic delivery of content in a pedagogically-sound way, or which adopt broader Universal Design for Learning philosophies.

Autism CRC tools are being developed in recognition of the immediacy of the needs of time-poor educators, and the outcomes from this project will provide a platform for access to the latest of such tools and learnings.
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  • Michael Whelan, Queensland University of Technology
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