Middle Years Behaviour Support Project (MYBSP)

Educators can experience challenges effectively meeting the more unique and complex needs of students on the autism spectrum within inclusive contexts. For teachers in rural and remote communities the geographical isolation and lack of professional learning opportunities can further exacerbate these challenges. Building on previous Autism CRC research findings from the Australian Educational Needs Analysis (ASD-ENA) and the Early Years Behaviour Support Project (EYBSP) the Middle Years Behaviour Support Project (MYSBP) uses a multi-phase mixed methods research design to investigate factors influencing the schooling of middle years students on the autism spectrum. Using a multisite case study approach, the project investigated two key foci:

  1. factors influencing students on the autism spectrum move from mainstream to more alternate school placements in the middle years of schooling; and 
  2. extending the use of a tele-classroom consultation (TCC) approach previously trialled in the Autism CRC EYBSP to support educators in middle years contexts in metropolitan, rural and remote regions. 

Findings identified a range of factors influencing placement choices in the middle years of schooling for learners on the autism spectrum, added further support for the use of a TCC hybrid approach to support of educators across a range of schooling contexts in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote regions and reinforced a range of guiding principles influencing support practices and working in schools that help build capacity in schools to meet the more complex needs students on the spectrum can experience in school settings.

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  • Beth Saggers, Queensland University of Technology
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