Transition models of practice for teachers

The objectives of this project are to provide two transition-focused practice supports for teachers that will promote the successful transition of autistic students, and potentially other students with a disability, within and across early and middle years classrooms, respectively. In order to do this we will:

(a) Design and test transition models of practice for early years and middle years of schooling that support teaching staff and others working with autistic students

(b) Develop video modelling clips to illustrate specific elements of the models of practice for teachers to supplement written materials and verbal instruction

(c) Trial models of practice in schools by investigating the extent to which practices embedded within each model are implemented with increased frequency and fidelity under three implementation conditions (in-class, online, and information only)

(d) Use data from the trial to inform the development of a multimedia resource package for each model that can be readily accessed and used by teaching staff, parents, and other stakeholders

(e) Use data from the trial to test an existing coaching model (GROWTH Coaching International) as a service to augment the online conferencing/materials

(f) Influence teacher education programs in ways that contribute to a deeper understanding of the authentic practices related to transition, education, and autistic students

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  • Trevor Clark, Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)
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