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Research Program opening 6 July 2020

The third program in research coproduction will be delivered by the Sylvia Rodger Academy in 2020. The Research Program, previously delivered in 2015 and 2017, upskills autistic adults and autism researchers to work together as co-producers of research. Sign up to the Sylvia Rodger Academy mailing list to be notified when applications are open.

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Join inclusionED today!

inclusionED is a new online professional learning community designed with educators, for educators. It provides evidence-based practices, tools and resources to support diverse learners. The online platform assists educators to support their students, whether they are at school or learning from home. Parents can also utilise the free tools to support their children to learn from home.

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Building Connectedness and Wellbeing for Young Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum

Website to combat anxiety and depression

We are delighted to release our new website, autismteenwellbeing.com.au. The Autism Teen Wellbeing website provides resources and strategies to help build protective factors against depression and anxiety for young people by cultivating a sense of belonging and the ability to regulate emotions in the face of stress.

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2018-19 Autism CRC Annual Report title with accompanying photographs

2018-2019 Annual Report now available

The 2018-19 year again saw our unique national collaboration not only deliver on program milestones, but positively contribute to autism-related practice and policy, community capacity and the nature of autism research. Read our annual report for a high-level overview of our achievements to date as well as financial data reports and performance against all of our CRC Program milestones.

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Register to access the Australian Autism Biobank

The Australian Autism Biobank is a long awaited resource that will aid in increasing our knowledge of the autism spectrum and co-occurring conditions.

We had more than 2,900 autistic and non-autistic children and adults participate, from across Australia. We collected biological samples and questionnaire data.

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National Guideline for ASD in Australia

National Autism Guideline now available

The Guideline aims to create greater consistency in diagnostic practices across the country to ensure individuals on the autism spectrum and their families can receive the optimal clinical care.

The community has been requesting a national and consistent guideline for autism assessment and diagnosis for many years, and we are pleased to release a guideline that responds to this need.

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Autism CRC is the world's first national cooperative research effort focused on autism across the life-span

Our vision

Autistic people empowered to discover and use their diverse strengths and interests

Our mission

Motivate, facilitate and translate collaborative autism research across the life-span, underpinned by inclusive practices

Our values


Working together with those with the lived experience of autism in all we do


New solutions for long term challenges


Guided by evidence-based research, integrity and peer review


Bringing benefits to our partners; capturing opportunities they cannot capture alone

Our programs


Special initiatives

Sylvia Rodger Academy
Secret Agency Society
Australian Autism Biobank
Research Co-Production Partner Initiative
inclusionED - supporting diverse learners
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Essential participants

Autism CRC’s Essential Participants help shape our programs and share our collective ambition of transforming lives through collaborative research. We are also supported by a large number of Other Participants and Partners who work with us together to translate our research into real, positive benefits for autistic people.