Future Leaders class of 2019

Future Leaders 2022

Autism CRC’s Sylvia Rodger Academy and Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) are proud to announce their partnership for the 2022 Future Leaders: Community Project Program. This year’s program is for those who have an idea on how to make a positive impact in their community. The Program offers knowledge, skills and access to support and expertise to help you turn your idea into an achievable project.

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Graphic incorporating images from the app

A step in the 'write' direction

A new app is now available to help children, including those on the autism spectrum, harness their writing potential. The co-designed iPad app, StepWrite, helps children improve their writing and addresses many of the challenges associated with fine motor and perceptual skills required for handwriting. It also helps with conceptual and language skills required for written composition.

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Three photos of children being supported in learning activities with the text: Supporting Children National Guideline

Community consultation begins for new national guideline

We are currently working on a national practice guideline for supporting the development and participation of children on the autism spectrum and their families. You can now register your interest to be involved in our upcoming community consultation activities.

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An icon of a light bulb, a microscope and a magnifying glass with text: Awards highlight inclusive research practices.

2021 Autism CRC Awards for Achievement in Autism Spectrum Research

Three projects have received recognition for their outstanding commitment to inclusive research practices and translation of autism research. The awards were announced at an online event following the Autism CRC Annual General Meeting on 4th November, and acknowledge initiatives that exemplify the Autism CRC’s vision, mission and values.

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2020-21 Annual Report now available

Autism CRC’s 2020-21 Annual Report is now available. The report summarises the work undertaken by our national and international collaboration, and its impact across the lifespan for our end-user community – autistic individuals and their families, as well as those professionals and organisations that work to support them.

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Manual helps employers create inclusive workplaces

We’ve just released The Integrated Employment Success Tool (IEST) which aims to improve employer confidence, employee productivity, job retention and the overall workplace success of autistic people. Developed specifically for employers, the practical workplace manual is free to access and can be used across a variety of work environments.

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Building Connectedness and Wellbeing for Young Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum

Website to combat anxiety and depression

We are delighted to release our new website, autismteenwellbeing.com.au. The Autism Teen Wellbeing website provides resources and strategies to help build protective factors against depression and anxiety for young people by cultivating a sense of belonging and the ability to regulate emotions in the face of stress.

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New resources to support best practice assessment and diagnosis of autism

National Guideline Toolkit now available

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new National Guideline Implementation Toolkit to help clinicians to upskill and deliver the recommendations in the National Guideline. Individuals undergoing an assessment, parents and caregivers can also access resources that explain the Guideline and what to expect from an assessment.

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Explore your strengths and interests

myWAY Employability can help to improve the self-determination of autistic young people to plan and prepare for their working life. myWAY Employability will help you identify your strengths, interests, learning and environmental preferences, and then match this information to potential relevant careers and employment pathways.

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A landmark report for families, clinicians, researchers and policy makers

Landmark report published

Autism CRC's latest report for families, clinicians, researchers and policy makers synthesises the best available high-quality evidence about interventions for children on the autism spectrum. It provides families and clinicians with the best opportunity to make informed decisions when choosing interventions.

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Join inclusionED today!

inclusionED is a new online professional learning community designed with educators, for educators. It provides evidence-based practices, tools and resources to support diverse learners. The online platform assists educators to support their students, whether they are at school or learning from home. Parents can also utilise the free tools to support their children to learn from home.

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Register to access the Australian Autism Biobank

The Australian Autism Biobank is a long awaited resource that will aid in increasing our knowledge of the autism spectrum and co-occurring conditions.

We had more than 2,900 autistic and non-autistic children and adults participate, from across Australia. We collected biological samples and questionnaire data.

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Independent national source of evidence for best practice

Our vision

Autistic people empowered to use their diverse strengths and interests

Our mission

Motivate, facilitate and translate collaborative autism research, across the life-span and the spectrum, underpinned by inclusive practices

Our values


Working together with those with the lived experience of autism in all we do


Delivering new solutions for long-term challenges


Guided by evidence-based research and peer review


Maintaining autonomy and integrity


Bringing benefits to our partners; capturing opportunities they cannot capture alone

Our programs


Special initiatives

Sylvia Rodger Academy
Secret Agency Society
Australian Autism Biobank
Research Co-Production Partner Initiative
inclusionED - supporting diverse learners
myWAY em

Essential participants

Autism CRC’s Essential Participants help shape our programs and share our collective ambition of transforming lives through collaborative research. We are also supported by a large number of Other Participants and Partners who work with us together to translate our research into real, positive benefits for autistic people.

  • AEIOU Foundation
  • Autism New Zealand
  • Autism Queensland
  • Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)
  • Curtin University
  • Department of Education QLD
  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
  • Griffith University
  • La Trobe University
  • Mater Research Ltd
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Western Australia