Co-production Partner: Autism Spectrum Australia

Aspect Research Centre for Autism Practice (ARCAP)

Aspect works with people of all ages on the autism spectrum, delivering evidence-informed solutions that are person-centred, family-focused & customer-driven. ARCAP supports co-production with people on the autism spectrum by:

  • employing researchers on the autism spectrum and focusing on their strengths, abilities and interest
  • consulting throughout the research process, dissemination of findings and translating research findings into practice
  • collaborating in a respectful manner

ARCAP has embedded co-production into Aspect’s research policies and procedures. The ARCAP team includes two researchers who are on the autism spectrum who contribute to all levels of the ARCAP research to practice process. The team also includes researchers who are members of the wider autism community i.e. have immediate family members on the autism spectrum.

ARCAP uses a range of strategies to engage with autistic people including consulting with Aspect's Think Tank (group of autistic adults) on project proposals, to assist with developing survey and interview questions and the participation of autistic participants and their family members in research advisory groups.

Co-production in action

The organisation is currently undertaking a range of co-produced research projects. One such project is in collaboration with Autism CRC around Models of Practice (MoP), and involves the development and trial of transition-focused education practice supports for teachers that will promote the successful transition of autistic students.

Aspect recently completed development of an autism training module for Australian police. The content for this module was informed by a research project that sought information from autistic people about their interactions with police and their suggestions for police professional development. The module itself was developed in collaboration with a group of autistic adults, who assisted with content development, including scripts and video production.

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