Autism Month 2020 Webinars

Come and join us in April for our Autism Month webinar series

Autism CRC hosted four webinars 2020 in April as part of Autism Month 2020.

Diagnosis, Early Intervention and Sleep

Wednesday 29 April, 1-2pm (AEST)

Hear the latest from experts on:

  • Diagnostic practices and experiences in New Zealand
  • New parent mediated observation tool for infants showing early signs of autism 
  • What we know about sleep in children on the autism spectrum

Facilitated by Professor Andrew Whitehouse

Building Resilience for Children and Teenagers

Thursday 30 April, 2-3pm (AEST)

Hear about online and remotely delivered evidence-based tools and programs that can help build resilience in children and teenagers on the autism spectrum.

  • Secret Agent Society: espionage, technology and fun, now able to be delivered through telehealth and online learning services! Empowering children to crack the code of emotions and friendship to reach their full potential.
  • Autism Teen Wellbeing: Helping teenagers on the autism spectrum combat anxiety and depression by building protective factors in the home, school and community 

Facilitated by Cheryl Mangan, Autism CRC.

Connection and Quality of Life

Thursday 30 April, 11am-12 noon (AEST)

Hear experts share the latest on:

  • Using chat-bot technology to support participation and health and well being in higher education
  • Working with autistic researchers to uncover the hidden histories of late-diagnosed autistic adults
  • Developing a Quality of Life tool for autistic adults

Facilitated by Professor Andrew Whitehouse

Autistic Voices - Influencing Change

Tuesday 28 April, 1-2pm AEST

Hear autistic leaders share their insights about:

  • Collaborating effectively with autistic people
  • Influencing positive change in your community or area of interest
  • Finding opportunities to collaborate and create or be part of change 

Facilitated by Dr Jac den Houting - Macquarie University