Join our Neurodiverse Youth Advisory Group

Expressions of Interest 


MyWay Employability is an online service that helps young people to plan and prepare for their working life. It will help young people identify strengths and interests, set goals and track progress.  

We are looking for autistic people aged between 14 and 30 years old, to join our Youth Advisory Group.

You can be based anywhere in Australia. You will have the opportunity to provide input whatever way you feel comfortable, whether it be attending online meetings, submitting comments in writing, using messenger, or contacting us over the phone.

Your participation will help shape the future of young people on the spectrum, and support them to pursue their personal goals. You will also receive $150 per meeting, for your time and contributions.

Expressions of interest closed on 28 February 2019.


What will I need to do? 

If you join the Youth Advisory Group we will ask you to: 

  • Commit to being part of the group for 18 months 
  • Allow around three hours before and/or after each meeting to prepare (for example, by reading documents, testing technology, etc) 
  • Attend approximately five meetings between March and December 2019. Each meeting will take about two hours 
  • Actively participate during the meetings and provide feedback on the different aspects of the MyWay Employability website. This might include, for example, your perspective on the website’s design and usability. 

Is there anything else I should consider?  

If you decide to be involved, we will ask you to fill in the Expression of Interest application form below. You will be asked to respond to the following questions: 

  • Are you a young person on the spectrum 14-30 years old who uses or wants to access websites/apps? 
  • Are you comfortable sharing your experience and perspective regarding at least one of the following topics: work experience, further education and training, finding a job and employment? 
  • Can you tell us why you would like to be part of the group and any previous experience you have had in autism research or service delivery? 
  • Are you under 18 years old? If so, you will need to obtain consent to participate in the group from a parent and/or guardian.

How will this project work?  

This project will run over 18 months and has two stages. Stage One will develop the service, incorporating feedback from young people, including those in the Youth Advisory Group. Stage Two will pilot and evaluate the service to understand the way in which young people are using the service, how it is helping them and how it may be improved.


How do I apply? 

Expressions of interest closed on 28 February 2019.