The Development of an eLearning Package for Teachers to Help Students Stay on Task and Transition between Tasks

Published April 2018

Students on the autism spectrum may demonstrate challenges in executive functioning which present as difficulties in transitioning between tasks, commencing a new task, and completing complex tasks that need to be broken down into steps. These students often require more support to successfully cope with changes during the school day when transitioning from one activity to another.

Structured Teaching resources such as visual schedules and work systems have been found to enhance the capacity of students to stay on task and transition between tasks. The majority of previous studies have, however, focused on the use of these strategies within special education or autism specific contexts.

This project aimed to develop an eLearning package to increase the accessibility of information on Structured Teaching strategies for teachers in mainstream classrooms. The eLearning package was developed based on the results and paper-based resources developed for Autism CRC Project 2.011RC: Helping students to stay on task and move between tasks.