Supporting staff and students on the autism spectrum in tertiary settings: The development of an interactive website

Published June 2017

The purpose of this study was to create an interactive website for academic and professional staff in tertiary institutions to assist in raising awareness of the types of challenges that potentially face students on the autism spectrum, and to provide information and examples of how they might most helpfully respond. 

Following some pilot work undertaken with the Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology faculty at the University of Queensland, a workshop was developed and delivered to academic and professional staff in the School of Engineering. The purpose of the workshop was to: 

  • elicit information from staff about the types of challenges they faced with students on the spectrum in their courses and tutorials
  • provide information about why students might behave in the ways described, and 
  • to role play how they might support students through such challenges. 

By using the information gathered, a further workshop and website was designed to address the issues and concerns raised and to do this in an accessible and interactive manner.