Supporting staff & students with high functioning autism

The project aims to provide strategies to better support autistic students transitioning into the tertiary environment with the following objectives:

(a) To raise awareness among tertiary teaching staff (nationally and internationally) of the prevalence of autism among students and how this may impact learning and behaviour

(b) To increase access to a range of training resources for tertiary staff (nationally and internationally) to assist in the support and management of autistic students in the classroom

(c) To increase access to a range of resources for autistic students (nationally and internationally) to assist them in successfully transitioning into a tertiary education environment and completing a degree

(d) To access information about the contextual factors in various university settings that exacerbate the difficulties of autistic students

(e) To evaluate the efficacy of a range of resources for tertiary staff and autistic tertiary students for implementation in generic tertiary education settings

(f) To create an accessible, independent, online training and education resource for tertiary teaching staff, autistic students and other interested individuals, focusing on proactive support and management of students participating in a tertiary education environment
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Project Leader(s)
  • Kate Sofronoff, The University of Queensland
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