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Health Hub resources

Providing autistic adults, their carers and families, and health professionals with up-to-date health and wellbeing resources emanating from research undertaken by Autism CRC researchers.

Health, human rights and you

The aim of this resource is to help you to better understand health, human rights, and the right to health and wellbeing.

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Quality and safe healthcare

Information for adults on the autism spectrum and health professionals.

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Tools for health professionals

Available online resources that aim to upskill health professionals to work more effectively with autistic adults.

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Questions for judging the quality of autism websites

This resource provides a list of questions to help you judge the quality of the websites you visit.

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Understanding autism and what you need to know

What health professionals need to know from an autistic view and a health professional view.

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Emergency communication board

A Queensland Government Initiative, this communication board provides visual support for people to express their needs in a medical situation.

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GPs and mental health

This summary identifies specific considerations for general practitioners’ (GPs) assessment and management of autism and mental health.

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Spectrum Cooking Program

Cooking program held at Putia Kitchen giving autistic adults the opportunity to learn about cooking and nutrition for their independence and health.

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