Australian Autism Research Council established by Autism CRC

19 Apr 2018

We are pleased to announce we are establishing an Australian Autism Research Council to review and determine national priorities for autism research and address areas of need for the autistic and autism communities

Our vision is that the priorities established by the Australian Autism Research Council will guide the future focus of research activities and research funding by government as well as research and development undertaken by non-government organisations and other industry members who provide programs and services for the autism community.

We are committed to ensuring that future research priorities are the result of a community view, just as we did when defining the original CRC program of work that we are now undertaking. Accordingly, the council will include representatives of the autistic and broader autism communities, as well as service providers, health and education professionals, government program managers and policy makers, and researchers.

We are very pleased to announce that the inaugural Co-Chairs of the Council will be pre-eminent autistic researcher, author and advocate, Dr Wenn Lawson, and Autism CRC’s Chief Research Officer, Professor Andrew Whitehouse.