Quality of Life Photovoice Gallery

29 Oct 2020 Updated 18 Nov 2020.

Premiere event was held on Friday 6 Nov 2020

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We are delighted to announce the official premiere of our Quality of Life Photovoice Gallery. This unique research output offers an insight into what affects quality of life for autistic adults, told from their own perspective, through photography and spoken word.

The gallery is the result of an Autism CRC research project led by Curtin University. As part of the project, the research team asked autistic adults to take photographs to represent their quality of life. A selection of 47 photographs was developed into an online gallery, with accompanying audio explanations.

The premiere event will include a showing of the gallery (25 minutes), and a live Q&A with:

  • Rebecca Kuzminski, Autism CRC PhD candidate and Photovoice Gallery creator
  • Dr Wenn Lawson, project co-supervisor
  • Simon Phillips, autistic co-producer and photographer
  • Yenn Purkis, Photovoice Gallery content contributor
  • Matthew Thompson, Photovoice Gallery content contributor

The Q&A will be facilitated by Andrew Davis, Autism CRC Chief Executive Officer.

Watch the short form gallery (2 mins)



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