Building Resilience for Children and Teenagers, Autism Month 2020 webinar series

30 April 2020

Part of Autism CRC's Autism Month 2020 webinar series. In this webinar, hear about online and remotely delivered evidence-based tools and programs that can help build resilience in children and teenagers on the autism spectrum.

  • Secret Agent Society: espionage, technology and fun, now able to be delivered through telehealth and online learning services! Empowering children to crack the code of emotions and friendship to reach their full potential.
  • Autism Teen Wellbeing: Helping teenagers on the autism spectrum combat anxiety and depression by building protective factors in the home, school and community


  • Kathleen Davey, Social Skills Training Institute
  • Prof Ian Shochet, Queensland University of Technology
  • Astrid Wurfl, Queensland University of Technology

Facilitated by Cheryl Mangan, Autism CRC.


Presentation Parts

The full video of the presentation is above, including the Question and Answer portion of the webinar. If you'd like to just watch (or share!) an indvidual presentation, click on the links below to watch on YouTube.