myWAY Employability launch

6 August 2020

myWAY Employability guides young people to help them identify their strengths, interests, learning and environmental preferences, and matches this to information about relevant careers and employment pathways.

This recording of the launch includes a demonstration showcase of myWAY Employability, and a live Q&A with the project team. You will hear from:

  • Jackie Coates, Head of Telstra Foundation
  • Professor Robert van Barneveld, Autism CRC Chair
  • myWAY Employability team: Associate Professor Marina Ciccarelli, Cheryl Mangan, Brendan James, Adie Wilmot and Alex Creece
  • Young people involved in the codesign and development, Grace, Liam, Harry and Alexander.

To find out more about myWAY Employability and get started go to