Early Years, Program 1

In Program 1: Early Years, we are working on earlier and more accurate diagnosis of autism to achieve the right interventions as early as possible. By harnessing existing knowledge of autism to improve diagnosis, as well as using breakthroughs in biological research to identify subtypes of autism and the most effective interventions for these subtypes, we are able to provide detailed information on the most effective interventions for children on the spectrum. This is an exciting revolution in the way in which we diagnose autism.

Where did we come from?

  • Parents’ concerns from 12 months dismissed
  • GP reluctantly refers child to paediatrician at three to four years of age
  • Autism undiagnosed before age four to five years of age
  • Trial and error of costly interventions

Where we are going?

  • A child is assessed by early childhood healthcare professionals and referred as needed to the appropriate clinician
  • A child is diagnosed by two years of age using a standardised national protocol
  • Children are engaged in individualised early intervention tailored to a comprehensive behavioural, cognitive and biological profile

Program Director: Professor Valsamma Eapen