Genomics research, biological samples and DNA

This project has the following objectives:

  1. To a establish protocols and ethics for high throughput genomics research
  2. To establish a laboratory for receipt and processing of biological samples
  3. To receive and process biological samples (blood, faeces, urine, hair) from up to 1,200 parent-offspring trios referred to autism clinics – irrespective of the child's final diagnosis – and up to 1,000 age-matched controls
  4. To extract buffy coat DNA for up to 500 autism trios and up to 500 controls, and faecal DNA for up to 100 autism cases and up to 100 controls.

This project is using biological samples from more than 1,000 autistic children and their parents, collected through the Australian Autism Biobank, from four Australian sites, together with samples from age-matched controls.

Early Years
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Project Leader(s)
  • Jacob Gratten, The University of Queensland
  • Naomi Wray, The University of Queensland
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