Investigating autism research priorities

This project will advance the research priorities of the Australasian Autism Research Council (AARC), which operates under the auspices of Autism CRC. The AARC was established to review and define national priorities for autism research and identify areas of research needed for the autistic and autism communities.

Following a community consultation process, the AARC released its Research Priorities Report in October 2019, which specified ten priority areas for research. Subsequently, more targeted research was commissioned to investigate five priority areas through community consultation/focus groups – Communication, Education, Employment, Health and Wellbeing, and Justice.

For this project, the other five priority research areas are being investigated for the information to supplement the work done already undertaken in the initial five areas. The areas to be investigated in this study are:

  • Built environment
  • Choice in housing and living
  • Health and disability services delivery
  • Family and carer support
  • Gender, diversity, and inclusion. 
Project code
Project Leader(s)
  • Sonya Girdler, Curtin University
Project status