Strategic Projects

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Strategic Projects are defined based upon the Autism CRC milestones and a gap analysis undertaken annually by the Research Executive:

Eligible Programs

In the 2018 Investment Round, Strategic Project applications are limited to the Classrooms of Excellence in High Schools in Program 2, School Years.

Desirable Project Features

Strategic projects focused on the Classrooms of Excellence in High Schools must be evidence-based projects focused on optimising the learning environment ensuring successful social and behavioural outcomes for students on the autism spectrum.

Research will focus on the development and evaluation of:

  • Strategies to enhance students’ capacity to process instructions, express knowledge, and engage in/transition between learning tasks
  • Methods of transition between and within classrooms, and into and across the school
  • Whole-of-class and whole-of-school social emotional programs.

This research will be conducted with select schools in the following regions:

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia

Classrooms of Excellence Projects will also deliver information sharing and program development resources, developed in partnership with teachers and other professionals.