2018 Investment Round


Autism CRC is investing in projects to support our vision to see autistic people empowered to discover and use their diverse strengths and interests. We seek projects that are led by end-user organisations and demonstrate inclusive research practices with autistic individuals and/or their families and carers throughout the project lifecycle. Projects demonstrating a commitment to the coproduction of research in collaboration with autistic team members will be more likely to receive Autism CRC investment.

Autism CRC programs

In the 2018 Investment Round, Autism CRC is calling for the application of projects that fall into three categories: Strategic Projects, Innovation Projects and Utilisation Projects, and address the objectives of one or more of our three programs: Early Years, School Years and Adulthood.

While applications for Innovation and Utilisation projects are open to all three programs, Strategic project applications are limited to the Classrooms of Excellence in High Schools project in Program 2, School Years.

Autism CRC Program 1: Early Years

A better start through better diagnosis

This program aims to harness existing knowledge of autism to improve diagnosis, ensure earlier diagnosis, and use breakthroughs in biological research to identify subtypes of autism and the most effective interventions for these.



Autism CRC Program 2: School Years

Enhancing learning and teaching

This program aims to provide autism appropriate educational environments and programs that optimise students’ social, behavioural and academic success, and equip teachers to manage even the most complex behaviours.

Strategic projects



Autism CRC Program 3: Adulthood

Finding a place in society

This program aims to improve opportunities for people on the spectrum to successfully participate in higher education and employment, and identify best practice in physical and mental health management.



Eligible project categories

Strategic projectsStrategic Projects

Strategic Projects are defined based upon Autism CRC milestones and a gap analysis undertaken annually by the Research Executive. *Limited to Classrooms of Excellence in High Schools* Read more >

Innovation projectsInnovation Projects

Innovation Projects must demonstrate how they assist Autism CRC to meet program objectives set out in commonwealth milestones. Read more >

Investment projectsUtilisation Projects

Utilisation Projects aid the translation and utilisation of Autism CRC research outcomes consistent with the Commonwealth Utilisation objectives and milestones. Read more >

Key dates

19 December 2017 – Applications open
1 February 2018 – Expressions of Interest due
1 March 2018 – Applications close

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