Utilisation Projects

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Utilisation Projects aid the translation and utilisation of Autism CRC research outcomes consistent with commonwealth objectives and milestones.

These proposals might include:

  • Product development – translating an existing Autism CRC research output into a product.
  • Dissemination – translating an existing Autism CRC research output, product or deliverable into practice and/or sharing it via workshops or training sessions.
  • Multimedia resources – develop video footage, photographs or other multimedia resources to support a process or project within one of Autism CRC’s programs.

Investments of approximately $50,000 over a 12-month period are recommended, but may be higher with a very strong business case accompanying the application.


  • Restricted to Autism CRC Essential or Other Participants.
  • Projects must focus on the utilisation and dissemination of existing outputs, resources and/or deliverables or those that are well advanced/in train.
  • Must involve a minimum of two Autism CRC Essential and/or Other Participants and include a co-leader from an end-user organisation.

Eligible Programs

Program 1, Early Years
Program 2, School Years
Program 3, Adulthood

Desirable Project Features