Adulthood, Program 3

In Program 3: Adulthood, we are improving opportunities for autistic people to successfully participate in higher education and employment, and identifying best practice in physical and mental health management. There has never before been such a multi-faceted, collaborative research effort as the Autism CRC, focused on post-school outcomes and improving the wellbeing of autistic adults. Our development of national protocols will give clear guidance to autistic people, their families and health professionals who assist them.

Where did we come from?

  • Little support post-school
  • Lack of life skills and vocational options
  • Escalating isolation and mental health problems
  • Limited community participation and access
  • Very low employment rate

Where we are going?

  • School leavers are assisted in making meaningful vocational choices and gaining sustainable employment through Autism CRC evidence-based tools
  • Tertiary education staff are skilled in providing assistance and support to autistic students to ensure successful transition into tertiary education
  • Autistic adults participating meaningfully in community life, enjoying enhanced mental and physical health with improved economic status

Program Director: Professor Sonya Girdler