School Years, Program 2

In Program 2: School Years, we are researching the provision of autism-appropriate educational environments and programs that optimise students’ social, behavioural and academic success, and at the same time equipping teachers to manage complex behaviours. Our work is the first nationwide collaboration to undertake evidence-based, quality research on appropriate education for autistic students. We are producing protocols across all school systems, to support children to succeed at school and beyond.

Where did we come from?

  • Social isolation and vulnerability
  • Poor academic outcomes limiting post-school opportunities
  • Absenteeism and suspension
  • Lack of resources and training for educators
  • Escalation of mental health issues

Where we are going?

  • All classrooms in Australia have best-practice planned and coordinated transitions to benefit all children in the classroom
  • All school staff have an understanding of autism
  • Evidence-based assessment and behaviour support models are utilised
  • The whole school community is autism friendly
  • Parents, teachers and allied health professionals work together to collectively support successful outcomes for students on the autism spectrum

Program Director: Professor Suzanne Carrington