Longitudinal study of Australian Students with Autism (LASA)

Trajectory study

The purpose of this trajectory study is to understand the relationship between children on the autism spectrum, subtypes of autism, experiences of intervention, and school support with developmental and behavioural trajectories.

The project has the following objectives:

(a) To establish and trial a battery of assessments and an assessment protocol designed to explore longitudinal trajectories of children on the spectrum that focus on the following key outcomes:

(i) Participation – maximise opportunities and ability to participate

(ii) Educational environments/programs – social, behavioural and academic success at school

(iii) Child outcomes – optimise development and learning

(b) To establish and implement the methodology of the longitudinal study including participant recruitment and retention strategies, study design, data collection and data analysis methods.

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Project Leader(s)
  • Jacqueline Roberts, Griffith University
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